Fragments of history

The courage, too immense to be quantified, the deep passion that drives men to fight, to give the best of themselves when in difficulty; all this in embedded in the Bagolina, small territory which, along with others during the Risorgimento wars, managed to give unbelievable efforts.
A piece of history that still lives in these picturesque hills.

We are in the first half of 1800 and the Bagolina hosts the farmhouse that currently, in part, is the company's residence. At that time, the Palamidese family lived there.
Writer Silvia Mori, in her novel "Contrą di mezzo", narrates that "the great farmhouse, situated in a panoramic position on a hill at the base of the moraine hills south of Lake Garda, was of strategic importance for anyone who moved from the Lake area to Verona».

At the beginning of July, 1848, in a warm and sunny morning, the men of the Piedmontese army showed up at the Palamidese farmhouse informing them about their intentions to fortify the entire building so as to create a defensive line, a sort of trench made of bundles and barrels filled with earth. The house was transformed into a fortress, exposed to the risks of an Austrian attack and to the shelling of the two armies.

«The battles in Corte della Bagolina were fierce. Broken the doors open, the Piedmontese took cover inside the rooms of the first floor, facing East, toward Sommacampagna. After breaking the windows with rifle butts, they shot leaning on the window jambs in which Austrian bullets left deep ruts» (Silvia Mori).
The damage from this clash was great for the Bagolina: collapsed walls, rusty doors, furniture destroyed.

Only the strong will, great courage and hope in a better future helped the Palamidese family, together with the many others in the territory of Custoza and Villafranca, to rise again from those terrible moments, contributing to the hard work committed in building our country.

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